Southport Shorelark - 14th November 2009

With Reece lagging behind in the lifer stakes we decided to head up to Southport to see if we could find the Shorelark. Luckily we'd had a call from Mike who was already up there saying it was still showing well and that he'd hang around to point it out to us, thanks again. Light was poor but we did get some close views whilst we spent an hour and a half watching it. The top six photo's were taken by Reece with the Lumix and the rest with the Pentax by myself.

Update: After going through our life lists we found we hadn't seen Twite before and after seeing a flock 50+ whilst watching the Shorelark it was a supprise boost for Reeces list.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, a nice series of photos by both the Lumix and the Pentax. Its yellow/black head pattern shows up especially well. The bird is still there today, apparently. Mike.