Back Yard Birding - 21st December 2009

We only topped up and increased the amount of feeders we have in our back yard two weeks ago but we've had numerous visitors especialy since the recent cold snap. Blue and Great Tit are regular visitors as well as a large flock of Goldfinch on Sunday. Reece spotted a Robin this morning and we also have Blackbird, Magpie and Collard Dove. A recent visitor has been the Blackbird (photographed below), it's not the first Blackbird with white markings we've had in the area as we had one last year but with white chest markings. We wondering if anyone has had any Blackbird sightings with similar markings as this is the only area we have seen them.

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Anonymous said...

Not just like that but I did have one in my garden several years ago with white on its wings. Interestingly, on Sunday morning, I had eleven Blackbirds on my lawn (all at the same time!). There was much fighting over food with three birds especially dominant. The VS is definitely worth a look. Mike