Raven & Peregrine - 9th March 2010

I took another visit to the Central Lancashire Quarry to see if the reported Peregrine was around and show Reece the site. We arrived around 16.30 and stopped around an hour logging all we saw as we scanned the area. Before we set up 2 Raven flew across the area and out over the top of the quarry. The Peregrine arrived soon after flying low over the base of the quarry and landing high on the opposite side to ourselves giving us good views with our binoculars and scope but a little to far out for either of the cameras as you can see by the record shot taken with the Pentax. The Peregrine remained for the hour we stayed even calling on several occasions and the Raven returned  several times though I think on this visit there was only one pair. We’ve put the count up to 50 for the Jackdaw as there were many roosting on the cliff face as well as mobbing the Raven and flying in and out the quarry. 9 Black headed Gull flew over as well as 2 Woodpigeon and 1 Jay. On the water the Little Grebe could be seen diving and 1 of the 2 Moorhen from the last visit showed as well as 2 Mallard and a Coot. In the scrub around the quarry we counted 1 Blue, 1 Great and 4 Long tailed Tit, 2 Chaffinch, 1 Goldfinch and 3 Magpie.

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Richard King said...

That's great. Peregrines are not that rare here in Australia, but we have had one hunting on a regular basis over our street.