Walton Park - 13th February 2011

Thanks to Russ for the information about the Waxwings at Walton Park. I recieved an email about the comment just after the comment was posted and decided to head down in the rain as I'd missed the flock that had frequented the Brownedge Road area of Bamber Bridge, though they are probably the same flock. I pulled up in the Spar car park at 16.00 just in time to see c15 Waxwing fly over out of sight. I stayed for a further 20 minutes hoping they would return but no such luck and a quick trawl around the area brought no sign of them either. There are plenty of berries on the trees next to the car park so I imagine they will return at some point. I'd post a token photo but my external hard drive containing all the photographs I've taken over the last 2 and a half years has packed in!! Cheers again Russ.


Russ.G.H. said...

Hi, just to update on the Waxwings. They have been at Walton Summit since the 16th feb they have been showing well in numbers from 5 to 15 birds, today (25th Feb there were 13). They have been feeding every day on some Rowan trees at Banksfield Place but unfortunately they can't be seen from the road and there is no public access. They are very mobile and could be feeding in trees in the surrounding area. Russ

Derek Gallagher said...

Cheers Russ will try and check them out sometime over the weekend

PNE-Karl said...

Hi Derek,

I'm just up the road from you in Countessway and today, the 8th March, a flock of around 30 Waxwings flew over me from the direction of the Brownedge Lane/St Mary's Rd junction and landed in the 2 tallest trees at the Kingsway/Station Rd junction. They spent only 3 minutes at the top of the trees trilling away and then flew south over Bamber Bridge Station towards you. Unfortunately I didn't get chance to view them as I was without my bins. Their calls and flight silhouette were unmistakable though.

Hope you catch up with them.

Excellent blog by the way.