Brinscall to White Coppice - 3rd May 2009

We took a trip up to Brinscall to take the walk to White Coppice hoping to see the Cuckoo, Green Woodpecker and Redstart we’d been told are in the area.
We arrived just after lunch which I think was a mistake as there were plenty of walkers around, some with dogs (nothing against them we walk and have 2 dogs) so I think next time it will be at least a morning start.

We took the path following the Goit to White Coppice cricket ground, plenty of woodland to hopefully see plenty of birds. No such luck, plenty calling but the most we saw were a Curlew overhead, a pair of Song Thrush feeding under a holly tree and 2 Mistle Thrush on the grass embankment near the cricket ground. The joy of summer birding in woodlands is trying to spot them calling amongst the trees.

Anyway undeterred we stopped for a brew at the café at the cricket club before heading back via moorland. A few more sightings on the way back which included Meadow and Tree Pipit, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Heron and Pied Wagtail. Also saw 2 Roe Deer amongst the long grass though they soon moved on when walkers appeared
No sign of the trio of birds we wanted to see but hey thats birding.

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