Brockholes Quarry - 20th May 2009

An hour down at Brockholes in the rain this evening though it wasn’t raining when we left home. On the approach road saw a Roe Deer watching us before nipping over the fence and disappearing into the trees. Also along the road were a Jay that soon moved off as we came close and a Willow Warbler.
On the main pool we sighted 3 Ringed Plover, 2 Teal and a single Knot, no sign of the other 2 that were with it last time we were there.
Over on the No.1 Pit amongst the usual sightings was a Little Ringed Plover.
We are hoping to spend some time there on Sunday during the day to see if we can see the Green Woodpecker (a lifer for Reece) and other reported sightings that seem to show through the day.

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