India Mill, Darwen - 15th June 2009

I was working down at India Mill in Darwen today and the guy I was visiting pointed out one of the resident nesting Peregrines perched on the top of the chimney. Not sure if it was the male or female as I didn’t have my binoculars with me. He wasn’t sure if they had hatched any chicks yet as usually they are quite vocal and he had heard nothing of them as yet. The Warton Crag chicks are reasonably advanced so I would thought if they haven’t hatched yet maybe they won’t be successful this year. I’m not sure how many young they have raised over the years but as they have been returning since 1989 I think it will be a fair few. Just shows what an adaptable bird it is though with all the pigeons around they wouldn’t go short of a meal.

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DaveN said...

Great looking blog, Derek. Thanks for your comments on mine. I've now posted a link on my blog to yours.