Preston Docks - 25th June 2009

After reading Neil’s post on the Lancashire thread on Birdforum we decided to head down to Preston docks for half an hour to get Reece another lifer. As soon as we walked down the apartment side of the docks we saw what we'd come to see as a Common Tern fly over us towards the Ribble beyond. Along the pontoons on the apartment side of the docks were 10+ Lesser Black Backed Gulls, 2 Coot, 1 Pied Wagtail and 2 Mallard families. We thought that was it for the Tern but it wasn’t long before Reece spotted another in the air and we watched it as it flew towards the exit of the docks and back around again until it eventually settled at the end of the pontoons on the other side of the docks. After shooting off a few distant photos Reece spotted the female on a nest nearby putting the count to 3 for the evening.
It was while deciding if we should head over to the other side of the docks to see if we could get some better photos the first Tern reappeared, landing half way down the pontoon on our side of the docks. Decision made we stayed put watching the other Tern chase off some nearby Gulls while the one close by sat preening. We finally found the 4th Tern on its nest not to far from were we were stood, how we missed it when we arrived I’ll never know but the female was quite clearly sat there and must have been the whole time we were there. A few more photos and we headed off, we’ll probably call back at the weekend to see if there are any chicks and try and get some better photos.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo of the tern on its nest. Didn't realise they were nesting there. Mike

sleipnerofasgard said...

Been down there today and birds were performing well again, one bringing in a fish for the other and taking over nesting duties more pics on my flickr page

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek
Called at the Docks Sat PM to see the Terns saw a couple of brooding changeovers but NO sign of any eggs yet.Unusual to see birds behaving like they were doing with no eggs....Unless they where at the bottom of a deeper nest than it appeared to be.

Keith S

Neil S said...

Nice work on the Terns Derek. Am suprised with the comment of no eggs, will be visiting the nest each day this week so will keep an eye out for any other activity.