Brockholes Wetland LWT - 24th August 2009

Arrived at Brockholes about 7 and we were both gob smacked about the amount of cars parked up. Surely the Wilsons hadn’t turned up or maybe something else? Parked at the back of the queue to be greeted by the Preston Society outing.

A quick chat with Mike informed us of the Green Sandpiper and Whimbrel we’d just missed but hey ho it happens.
We stayed around the main pit with nothing much to report though there seemed to be quite a few Herron around. Teal are increasing in numbers and 4 Widgeon mid moult have arrived over the last day or so. Cormorant were dotted around in small numbers with a few seen in flight as well as a Curlew.

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Anonymous said...

Went down tonight (Wednesday) in drizzle. Nothing much showing but not helped by a small dog chasing all the ducks and coot across the shallows on the main pool. Anon.