Ring-necked Duck - Westport Lake - 24th August 2009

Another visit to a Staffordshire site on my way home from work today, and yet another lifer. I’d seen before I left that there was a Ring-necked Duck at Westport Lake nr Stoke on Trent. A quick walk around the lake brought various wildfowl sightings including the usual Mallard, Pochard, Tufted Duck, Canada Geese and Greylag. Also plenty of Coot around in fact I’d say similar numbers to my local patch of Brockholes Quarry. Now to Ring-necked Duck, I sighted it amongst the Tufted though it was hard to pick out as they were mid moult, it was the bill that gave it away.

I did have my camera with me but as it was absolutely pouring down I’d left it in the car, so no chance of any photo's. There are several discussions on the inter web saying it may be a hybrid but after reading through I’ve added it to my list. The best argument I found on the West Midlands Birding site along with some superb photo’s.

Now off to Brockholes as I’ve read reports the Wilsons Phalarope was seen heading NE from Marshside RSPB this afternoon………………

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