Brockholes Nature Reserve - 12th June 2010

We spent a few hours down at Brockholes Nature Reserve mainly with the hope of seeing the Hobby that has been reported in the area over the past few days. Not being sure its where abouts we headed over to the northern end of the reserve to see what was about.
This male Common Blue was one of several we saw by No 3 and 4 pools.
This Common Spotted Orchid was one of many that are seen across the reserve
What I think is a Buff-tailed Bumblebee.
A Female Blue-tailed Damselfly, a photograph of a male can be seen on a previous post.
This Large Skipper was flying low over the grasses before alighting on this blade for a brief moment. I had never heard of a Skipper before and thinking it was a day flighing moth at first I emailed the photo to Mike for identification. After doing a little research myself I've found Skippers are a type of butterfly that appear moth like, I believe this one to be male.
Thanks again go to Mike Foley for his help on the above two photographs.
For those wondering why there are no bird recordings of late I assure you normal service will be resumed shortly.

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