Northern Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza purpurella) - 29th June 2010

I've been working across the Dumfries & Galloway region of Scotland over the past three days and though I didn't get any time to do any bird watching, though I did see 2 Red Kite where I was working today in Castle Douglas, I did spot these Northern Marsh Orchid whilst travelling along the A75. I didn't have time to stop when I first saw them but travelling back to the hotel last night the road was a lot quieter and I managed to pull over and examine them at close quarters.
After taking several shots with my camera I took one with my mobile and emailed it off to Mike Foley who replied the same evening with its identification and some furthe rinformation (thanks again.) Norther Marsh Orchids are usually found in marshy areas as their name implies, but are also found on drier ground such as road verges as seen here.
There must have been at least 50 plants in a 15 meter stretch of the verge between Castle Douglas and Twynholm.

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Anonymous said...

Derek, just looking at an enlarged version of your orchid photo again, I think I detect a degree of hybridisation present. A closer view of the lip shape is suggestive of the Heath Spotted's inluence. Nevertheless, it is essentially a Northern Marsh. Mike