Brockholes Nature Reserve LWT - 15th August 2010

The plan was to head out to Hesketh Out Marsh RSPB but just before we left a text came through from Mike saying the Purple Hairstreak were showing at Brockholes Nature Reserve so off we went. Walking towards the Oak tree where they had been spotted at the edge of Boilton Wood we spotted several other species of Butterflies some being a first time for Reece. I've always had a mild interest in butterflies and could probably have named a dozen or so species but this year as you can probably tell by the increased postings on the blog I've increased my knowledge and the amount of species I've seen. The one thing that has amazed me though is the size of some of the butterflies as shown in the photograph of the Small Copper below. I spotted it when passing some Ragwort and Reece was shocked at both how I'd picked it out and how small it was.
There were 5 or 6 people observing the Oak tree where the Purple Hairstreak had been seen but as we arived none had shown for 20 minutes but it wasn't long before one made an appearance. They were quite distant and being a small butterfly with a wingspan up to 40mm I couldn't get in close as I usually do. Unlike most species they feed on the honeydew of Oak trees so they are hard to spot as they spend most of the time in the tops of the trees.
They fly between the begining of July to the first week in September and I'm hoping we have another sunny day so I get the chance to try and photograph them again. Other species on the wing included Common Blue, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, Comma, Small White and Green Veined White.
Dragonflies were also flying and none more than the Common Darter. Both the males and females were showing well across the reserve and were quite happy to remain perched as we both photographed them. No such luck with the Brown Hawker which never seems to land though a female was seen oviposting on the fishing pond but none of my photographs were any good to show. We also saw a Southern Hawker and a Migrant Hawker but again with them being on the wing photos were near imposible. Not forgeting birds we saw a Green Sandpiper fly from one of the smaller pools and a Little Egret was seen on pool No 1 but not by ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Great photos again, you're getting quite a nice collection of butterflies. The Hairstreak has come out well as it must have been almost 15 metres away. The ones at the other tree will be nearer if you get chance with the weather. Mike.

Derek Gallagher said...

Thanks Mike, 27 species this year since I started taking more of an interest in butterflies. Lets hope the weather picks up before the weekend but its not looking likely.

Anonymous said...

27 species, you are half way there already! The weather: yes, who would be a butterfly? Mike.

Zac Hinchcliffe said...

cheers Derek. Glad you got to see it as it would have been a shame if it was there for over an hour before you got there and then disappeared during your visit! (especially in that weather!)

isaac said...

I do like Butterflies but I find it very hard to take pics of them.