Skanes, Tunisia - August/September 2010 - Part 1 Great Grey Shrike

We didn't get much bird watching done whilst in Tunisia but what little we did do in and around the hotel brought us some interesting birds. We pretty much stayed in the grounds of the Ramada resort hotel and the local scrub nearby where Reece spotted a Great Grey Shrike on a power line post.
After looking through my Collins bird guide I think its the sub species Lanius algeriensis, the markings look good and so does the area we where stopping. We observed the bird for five minutes before is flew into some scrub joining a second bird and before they both flew further away. After exploring a little further in the scrub and surrounding area I spotted what I presume is one of the same birds in a different area.
The following morning a I spotted another GG Shrike from our balcony after hearing some Spottless Starlings getting agitated and it soon moved off. We located a bird later in the day near to the hotel and again saw several more Shrikes perched on power lines further afield while on a trip out.
It was a pleasant suprise to view the Shrikes at close quarters after missing out on several in the UK over the last year or so. I hope to post some more sightings from our trip to Tunisia over the next few days once I've identified one or two I'm struggling with.

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Stu said...

Looks like you had a great time.

The only GGS I've ever seen was in Rufford of all places............