Skanes, Tunisia - August/September 2010 - Part ll Butterflies

We saw very few butterflies on our trip and the ones we saw were seen flying through the hotel grounds in the mornings usually before 9am. Out of the 3 species I managed to photograph and therefore identify 2 of them are found in the UK.
I haven't seen to many Painted Ladies in the UK this year their migration to this country being nothing like the numbers we had in 2009. The Large White although looks a good specimen has a small section of its lower wing missing, possibly a run in with a bird?
The third butterfly I managed to photograph was a Long-tailed Blue, a species I had not seen before. It took a while to trawl through the internet for its identification and thanks go out to Mike for his help with this. The Long-tailed Blue is a very rare migrant to the UK which isn't a suprise considering its size though is probably more to do whith its inability to survive our winters.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos, the LTB was a good find. Allen H had a PL at Brockholes last Saturday but I've not seen one at all this year (not like 2009). Mike.