Waxwings @ Barrow - 30th October 2010

I first heard about the flock of Waxwings at Barrow near Clitheroe on the Friday afternoon whilst at work when a text came through from Mike. A quick call back and I was told a flock of 70+ was feeding amongst the Rowan trees in the middle of the village but I was unable to get there until the following lunch time. When we arrived there must have been 25+ long lenses pointed into the trees and plenty of birders milling around but no sign of the Waxwings! Was this going to be another of our famous dip? Well after a wait of about 5 minutes a small flock circled the area and headed off back over the roof tops, TICK.
This continued to happen for a further 10 minutes, personaly I think with so many people hanging around they were a bit cautious about coming in to feed. Eventually a small flock of around 8 landed on the far end. Not having much time we crossed the road and took a few long range shots from behind the car when luck came our way and they moved to the tree opposite. A few reasonable shots and it was time to head off home finally catching up with a bird we'd been after for the past couple of winters.



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Anonymous said...

Nice set of pics Derek. I'm glad you got them especially as you were so short of time. Mike.