Back Yard Birding - 18th December 2010

With the 6" plus of snow falling last night we had more than the usual visitors to the feeders this morning with Goldfinch, Grenfinch, Blue & Great Tit, Starlings, Blackbird, Dunock and not to be out done by Colin (see Ribble to Amazon Blog) our very own Robin on the fat ball.
Out with the dogs at Stags lodge this morning were amongst the usual suspects 5 Siskin on the sheep feeders and 2 Buzzard over head being mobbed by several crows. I also got very close views of a Wren in a local garden, typical I didn't have the camera with me as there were some great photo oppertunities. Maybe tomorrow!!


Colin Bushell said...

Certainly a better photo than mine!


Derek Gallagher said...

I was lucky with the photo Colin, the Robin was waiting around as I stocked the feeders and as soon as I moved away i was on the fat ball and easy to photograph.