Sabine's Gull @ Hoylake - 5th September 2009

A quick peruse of our listed blogs brought me to Bill Aspins visit to the Wirral to see the Sabine’s Gull something neither of us had seen before (but hey looking at our life!). Rare bird alert was telling me one was still around so once Reece arrived back from rugby training, we had a quick lunch and headed out to Hoylake.

Parking up near the lifeboat station we saw several birders heading our way and stopping one group they pointed us further down the promenade and said it was still showing, thanks again if you’re reading this. 5 minutes walk and we joined a slowly disbanding group of birders who informed us it had moved further down the beach after being disturbed by a photographer but no one had a sight of it. A brisk walk and a few conversations later we came across a birder whom I’ve bumped into at Marton Mere and Condor Creek whom was soon onto it and showing Reece some good views through his scope. It's not the same bird as reported on Bill Aspins blog as this one certainly looks to be a juvenile.
 It soon took to the air but settled further down the beach so we moved on to get a better view. Whilst we were there rumours were coming through about a Wilson’s Petrel being sighted and not wanting to miss out we moved onto New Brighton. Also at Hoylake we saw c300 Ringed Plover, Redshank, Curlew, 1 Little Gull and the usual gulls. I wish we had stayed around longer and had a better look as I’m sure there was a lot more out there than we saw on our brief visit.
New Brighton was a little disappointing and we didn’t stop for to long. We did spot a few sea birds out in the distance but not being experienced in sea watching we couldn’t ID any of them. There were a few Cormorant around as well as the normal mix of Gulls and a Common Tern flew through as well as a few distant flocks of Oystercatcher. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time we try our look at sea watching.

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