Brockholes Westland LWT - 26th July 2009

On our arrival we caught sight of a Whimbrel circling the main pit before disappearing over pit no. 1. 2 Kestrel were showing well throughout our visit hovering over various areas around the main pit, it has been reported that there are 2 juveniles learning the trade in the area.
Photo courtesy of Mike Foley

A surprise visitor and a good spot by Reece was a single Barnacle Goose amongst a flock of Canada Geese. Photo courtesy of Mike Foley

Lapwing seem to be continuing to increase though we didn’t do a count tonight, there also seemed to be an increase in LBB Gull and a single juvenile GBB Gull was roosting amongst them on the main pit. One of the Green Woodpeckers was on show again, amazing now we’ve seen it down there we seem to spot it frequently now. No sign of any waders and it’s a shame we still haven’t seen the Hobby though the Lapwing and BH Gull seemed to be spooked on several occasions throughout the evening.

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