Brockholes Wetland - 2nd July 2009

Another evening down at Brockholes in the sunshine brought some interesting sightings for the area. First we spent the first half an hour or so looking over No.1 pit in search of the Hobby that has been reported on the Brockholes forum but in line with the weeks birding so far, not a dickie bird!
Well over to the main pit and we decided to try and count the influx of Lapwing that seems to be continuing. We stopped at around 40 as they kept taking to the air and we were finding more hidden amongst the stones. I’d say there are about 100 across the whole area which isn’t bad for a bird that’s reported to be on the decline. Moving down to the first lay by we tried to find the Little Ringed Plover, we’d been told that there are some young about but again nothing in sight. There were 7 Teal feeding on the far side of the pit, not sure if they are juvenile or moulting but certainly not in full plumage. 2 Common Sandpiper flaw in at about 8.15 and were very skittish and vocal as they moved around the centre. Late on a Greenshank flew in which delayed us leaving for a while as we struggled to ID it at distance.

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