Back Yard Birding 16/17th April 2011

I was laughed at this morning as I put a large clump of Jaspers (one of my border collies) winter under coat that I had brushed off him on to the feeding pole. This afternoon though the laugh as on me as Reece spotted this Blue Tit collecting it to line its nest and I watched as it returned several times to collect about a third of what I'd put out.
Yesterday we had a pair of Coal Tit visiting the feeders for the first time this year and this stunning Starling is a regular visitor to the fat ball.

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twintal said...

We used to leave our golden retriever's hair as you have done in our back garden. In September when we cleared out the nest box in the front garden, our grand-daughter was thrilled to find the dog hairs making up the inside of the nest. She felt she had helped a blue tit raise some young