Dipper @ Cuerden Valley Park - 9th April 2011

I finally took the advice of some of the blog readers and visited Kem Mill at 7 this morning with hope of finding the Dipper. I wasn’t disappointed as it appeared within seconds of my arrival so I took the opportunity to take plenty of photos at close range as it hunted along the river lostock. It wasn’t until I checked through my photos as I awaited its return that I realised I hadn’t turned the image stabiliser on so some very poor results. I watched the stretch for about 45 minutes and early on it kept flying in and out so there is a possibility it could be rearing young close by. Other sightings included Chiffchaff, Wren, Great & Blue Tit, Mallard and a Treecreeper ( IS turned on!)


After my brief visit to Kem Mill I headed up to Stags Lodge with the dogs where on the previous evening I’d seen my first Willow Warbler on the patch. It was still calling in the morning on the bank of the river lostock where a male Black Cap was also calling again the first on the patch for the year. Other sightings included Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Song Thrush, Robin, Wren, Carrion Crow, Canada Geese, Mallard, Coot, Magpie, Blue and Great Tit.

I also spotted a Blue Tit entering one of the traffic lights at the A49/A6 crossroad, one nested there last year so with any look it will again this year and I’ll try for some photos.

The feeders have been busy and Great and Blue Tits have now returned after not being around for several weeks after the tree was cut down. It also looks like we have a pair of Dunnock in a conifer hedge at the other side of the ginnel, the male has spent most of the day calling its alarm call due to our cat lazing in the sun on top of our shed.



Andy said...

Hi, what a great blog with some great images.

I am one of the lads that met you at the side of the Ribble today (Sunday 10.04.11)

The website I mentioned to you is:


I hope you will join us, I am longsider1882 and Dave is Gannet.



Derek Gallagher said...

Cheers Andy I'll let you know my ID when I join. Good to have met you both and thanks for the comment.


twintal said...

Hi Derek, Glad you got the dipper even though your photo was not what you wanted it to be

Derek Gallagher said...

Thanks Twintal. Now I know where they are i'll probably spend some more time up there.