Cuerden Valley Park - Easter Weekend

On the Friday I headed up to see the Dipper at 7am and after waiting for 15 minutes it appeared preaning on a rock sticking above the water line of the river lostock. It wasn't even disturbed by a local bin wagon that was emptying local skips, it just continued to preen and dip on the rock before flying down river and beyon sight.
There was the usual woodland birds on several early morning walks over the weekend including many Chiffchaff calling but the other warblers have either passed through or are staying quiet at the moment especially on Stags Lodge where Blackcap and Willow Warbler have been seen this year but not in the past week. Another missing warbler is the Whitethroat which bred successfully last year but there's time yet. The local Buzzard past over yesterday along with 6 Oystercatchers which are local to home but I've never seen them on the patch before. Butterflies are starting to emerge with Orange Tip, Small White, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell in evidence in various numbers.

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