Short-toed Lark - Fleetwood Nature Reserve 25th April 2011

Lancashires first Short-toed Lark was reported on the 24th and Zac told me about it whist we were counting the Whimbrel in at Brockholes. I checked Birdguides in the morning and it had been reported early so we took a flyer and headed out. After dropping Mrs G at freeport we picked up the bird on a stone path just out of reach with the camera but giving good views through the scope. The local dog walkers were being petty good in staying away from the area but there is always one even though she could see c20 birders watching the area she ploughed on regardless. The bird of course took to the sky at first heading away, I managed to stay on it as it circled and headed over the top of us relocating at the edge of the model airplane field. I manage a few photos before heading back, also picked up a Lesser Whitethoat on the reserve a second lifer on the day for us both.

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Michael Foley said...

Glad it worked out for you and that you also got photos. Yes, there are a lot! of dog walkers there. Mike.